Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Khalil Gibran

Who said "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country"? Are you seriously asking that question? It was JFK, during his inauguration speech as US president. WRONG! The answer is Lebanese poet-artist-writer Khalil Gibran. Gibran was born in Lebanon on January 6th, 1883 and has since become the 3rd best selling poet of all time, behind Shakespeare and Lao-Tzu* To honor Gibran and his work, Google has dedicated their January 6th 2011 Doodle to him, not on, but on, a real honor for every Lebanese. You can find the picture of the Doodle below and more information on Gibran via the wikipedia link.



  1. OOO!i thought that quote was for JFK! interesting!

  2. Nice little post Mr.Salman, have you received the paperwork?

  3. Despite not doing the proper research, using single sources without confirmation, and writing a disparaging article BEFORE interviews with CCSVI physicians had been done, The Winnipeg Free Press decided that headline grabbing was preferential to printing a balanced and truthful front page article in the Saturday edition. It’s a matter of record that junior reporter Melissa Martin was tweeting that she had written an expose of CCSVI Clinic, before she had even interviewed the researcher involved with a study that CCSVI Clinic is co-sponsoring on safe and effective aftercare protocol for the “liberation Procedure”. If the hypothesis is confirmed, this protocol could help to dramatically reduce the 50% rate of restenosis in MS patients who choose to obtain the procedure abroad.

    Instead, The Winnipeg Free Press chose to attempt to create a scandal where none exists. The premise of the article maintained that clients of CCSVI Clinic are “pressured” through harassing phone calls and “multiple” mailings. In fact only one mailing that contains the clients results of their Doppler Ultrasound is ever sent out to every client and only one phone call is made by the nurse to the client to follow up and answer any questions they may have about their results. No further calls are made except where the patient requests help with some information or for requested help in navigating the system.

    Fjola Davidson, one of CCSVI Clinic’s clients who will shortly be receiving the new extended aftercare protocol following venous angioplasty surgery , said in fact said that she intends to send a “scathing letter to the Winnipeg Free Press” and that it was she “who was pressuring CCSVI Clinic to get to Noble Hospital, not the other way around”. Another client, Robert Prior, had been researching the best place to have the procedure and said, “ Once I read and understood your aftercare protocol, it became the only logical and realistic option as far as I was concerned. The Free Press article is disgusting.”

    In a late interview for this article, Doug Broeska, President of The CliniCard stated that the Free Press article is “disingenuous” and “false”. “I am not the spokesman for CCSVI Clinic, nor did I claim to be.” says Broeska. “She interviewed me for about four minutes and misquoted everything I said. The CliniCard does fulfillment for several clients using our medical record-keeping technology and I don’t presume to speak for those other clients either. Furthermore I know that Ms. Martin interviewed several other medical professionals actually involved with CCSVI Clinic and did not print what they had to say because it did not help to sensationalize her article. If the Winnipeg Free Press had printed anything close to the truth, they wouldn’t have had a story, let alone a headline, which is what the fabrication they printed was all about. I honestly don’t know how these people sleep at night.”

    Attempts to blog supporting comments under the article online have not been successful for everyone who’s tried. Lisa Chapil, the Nurse Administrator for CCSVI Clinic had her comment severely censored to the point it totally lost its message. In the new age of ‘managed’ news stories, it seems that the only freedom of speech that The Winnipeg Free Press supports is its own. Because you cannot read her comments anywhere else, Ms Chapil’s comments about the Free Press article are as follows:.... . Continued in the next comment.. Full Article also available here..

  4. CCSVI Clinic Receives Joint IRB Approval for Aftercare Protocol Study.
    Dr. Don Simonson, the Principal Investigator for the study agrees; “Of course there are other reasons that patients restenose, depending on the condition of their veins in the first place, and operator inexperience, so we have designed a study that isolates the aftercare protocol because we feel it may be at least as important, and in any case well worth studying.”
    CCSVI Clinic is already sponsoring patients for this protocol with a 10-day stay in the hospital where patients will be imaged daily, post procedure. If there is evidence of re-occlusion, they will be taken back to the OR and re-treated. To comply with the IRB approval, once home, patients will be examined and/or surveyed at regular intervals by a Principle Investigator (PI) for several years after the treatment to study the changes. Patients will have regular consults with the surgeon who performed their procedure as part of the protocol.
    More and more MS patients are reporting initial success (including vascular and some neurological differences) as a result of the venous angioplasty (liberation therapy) but then regression to previous symptoms sometimes within weeks post-procedure. It is estimated that the failure rate of the “liberation therapy” may be 50% or higher, even through the most experienced and best-known surgeons. Consequently, there is increasing concern amongst patients that the liberation therapy hypothesis needs to include a post-procedure protocol that is more refined than simply releasing the patient from the hospital or clinic within hours or a day of the procedure. If the study hypothesis is correct, it means that there are many other considerations that indicate a post-procedure stabilization period, re-examination, and re-treatment if necessary.Please log on to for more information.

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