Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hello all. Quick introduction to myself and the purpose of this blog.

My name is Omar Abou Sallman, a 23 year old from Lebanon. I am currently completing my Masters Degree in Marketing and Management at Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid, Spain. I just got back from an incredible trip to China, Shanghai and Beijing. When I was there, I was bombarded with marketing, China truly is a marketers dream, a Harvard Business Case, a marketers playground!

Since the internet is the future medium for marketing (Digital Marketing) in most developed nations, it is only relevant for me to have a blog, to communicate my ideas and to also learn from you guys. So, the purpose of this blog revolves mainly around marketing, from all over the world. I will occasionally post some things that don't have to do with marketing.

Stay tuned.....

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